5 Top Bitcoin Wallets Hosted Online

Top Bitcoin Wallets

For those who are looking to join the Bitcoin crypto industry, they need to have a Bitcoin wallet to send or receive Bitcoin Payments. One challenge that crypto users face is that there are only a few Top Bitcoin Wallets online. Online bitcoin wallets can be accessed on the web and from any connected device. Here are 5 top Bitcoin wallets hosted online.


Founded by Brian Armstrong in 2012, Coinbase is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets hosted online and can be accessed worldwide. The wallet can be successfully integrated with a users US bank account. Coinbase allows users to buy Bitcoins using debit cards and then to exchange Bitcoins to dollars or euro. Exchanging currency from Bitcoins to Fiat currency is free using the exchange euro e-wallet feature. The Coinbase wallet is available on both iOS and Android.


Copay is a secure, shared Bitcoin wallet. Users can secure their bitcoin with the Copay wallet. Copay Bitcoin wallet is accessible on Window phones, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. Since Copay wallet is available on multiple platforms, it becomes a simple and easy to use wallet. You can use the same wallet on several accounts across multiple devices, making it one of the top bitcoin wallets hosted online.


The blockchain is a trusted top Bitcoin wallet available online. The blockchain company was established back in 2011 in London and successfully grew to become one of the world most popular digital wallet. The blockchain wallet is easy to set up and used for various trading operations. Unfortunately, blockchain does not have access to client’s private keys, which is okay for people who love privacy.

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is a platform that ensures every transaction and block accepted are valid. They do this to increase security and to prevent banks and miners from taking control of the Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Core wallet is another top Bitcoin wallet hosted online. Being a decentralized wallet, users can trade freely on the platform without the fear of security and complexity.


Luno is another platform with top Bitcoin wallet. Anyone with the Luno wallet can trade on Luno platform and other exchanges without limits. The wallet is on the platform’s official website, Appstore, and Google Play Store. Luno allows users to safely buy, store and learn about bitcoins on the platform. For anyone seeking to find an online hosted wallet, Luno wallet is one of the top Bitcoin wallets online.