Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites

Best bitcoin mining pools

If you are looking for a way to make extra money online, cloud mining might be the best solution. You can use some of the best Bitcoin cloud mining platforms to uncover an easy way of making use of the digital currencies to make extra cash. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that is both created and held electronically. Bitcoins can be used to purchase items and services anonymously. If you have ever been interested in mining bitcoins, here are the best Bitcoin cloud mining sites available.


Hashflare is the best fit for those who want quick access to payouts from cloud mining. Hashflare allows users to become online bitcoin miners with little investment. With more than three years in business, Hashflare is a leading Bitcoin cloud mining operation. Consumers are offered mining contacts with no expiration date or time limit. You get to decide the duration you want to use the cloud mining platform.

Hashing 24

For those people who are looking to start cloud mining with Bitcoins with a larger investment amount, Hashing 24 is the platform for you. Hashing 24 features slightly higher entrance fees and offers more power to mine more bitcoins. The cloud mining site does not have much flexibility when it comes to purchasing hashing power since the minimum contract amount covers 100 GH.


ViaBTC is considered by many users the most professional bitcoin cloud mining site. ViaBTC allows users to earn bitcoins online and purchase individual shares in the bitcoin pool. ViaBTC is one of the newest cloud mining sites today. It has high hashing power and one of the fastest bitcoin miner options. Pool Pool is a cloud mining site where you can immediately start mining using cloud mining contracts. Users are guaranteed 100% mining up-time. Cloud mining price on the platform is in US dollars. Users can also switch between BTC and BCH for free on the platform.

Genesis Mining

Genesis mining is a platform founded by mathematicians, programmers, and engineers that are top of the cloud mining field. Since its inception in 2013, Genesis Mining has rapidly grown to be the best cloud mining site. More than 1 million users harvest bitcoins online with the program. Genesis Mining is a super simple way you can start mining bitcoins. As soon as you sign up and set up your account, you can start earning Bitcoins from the cloud mining site.