Monday Night Bitcoin! LATE BREAKING NEWS!

Its Monday Night Bitcoin! Talking about all the latest news to hit the Crypto Currency World. We’ll take a look at the Bitcoin Chart, Litecoin, Ethereum and Digibyte. Lets get to it!

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Big news as the SEC subpoenas 80 CryptoCurrency Firms. The SEC is said to be devoting major resources towards the ICO Market. The big question for many ICOS Are they Security or Not?

Coinbase Faces another lawsuit, this time by Users who say Coinbase kept unclaimed coins sent by email. Doesn’t look like a massive lawsuit but still interesting news as Coinbase CEO said the company would launch an internal Investigation.

More news from Coinbase as they notify 13,000 of its customers that it would be turning their information over the US Government. They would providing Transaction Records from 2013 through 2015 to the IRS. Advising recipients to contact a Tax Attorney.

News out of China that member of Top Political Advisory Board is proposing a National CryptoCurrency Exchange. Interesting news for China has they’ve been back and forth recently on Crypto Currency opinions and laws. China is a massive Market that can really help CryptoCurrency explode or crash and burn. China Banned ICO’s last September and have seemed to be pretty negative on the overall Crypto Currency Craze ever since.

PayPal making it into the Crypto Currency news as they file Patent for System to Speed up CryptoCurrency Transaction Times. Could this Paypal’s own version of Lightning Network? Its hard to really know what they are doing at this time. As they stated on the patent filing that they are trying to solve the problem of slow transaction times for Crypto Currency Trades.

Dutch Bank RaboBank is exploring idea of launching their own CryptoCurrency Wallet. Allowing customers to access all their funds through one bank account including Crypto Currencies. This is an interesting take on Modern Banking offering a service like this.

ATM Giant Cardtronics stated in their recent Annual report that they consider Crypto Currencies a major Risk to their business.

NewStands in Australia now will be offering Bitcoin and Ethereum Purchaces at over 1,200 locations across the country. Grab the morning paper, a red bull and some Ehtereum the next time you stop by your local NewsStand.